Accent insensitive filtering in the grid

I have set appsettings.json “ClientFilteringConfig” as in Filter settings AccentSensitive false not working to have accent and case insensitive search.

I expected that it would work not only for search via magnifying glas at the top, but also in grid filtering. But in grid it doesn’t work - it is still accent sensitive there. Could/should this settings feature work also for grid filtering? It would be helpful.

It is only used for searching through a menu. As grid filtering is happening on client but also sometimes on server (by changing SQL statements) it would be quite hard to achieve accent insensitive search throughout the app.

If you really need it then you would have to first set up accent insensitive search in the database. Then we would have another problem that it would work in the grid when server-side searching but client-side it would still be accent sensitive. If that would be the case, we would have to implement column-level settings on how the search should work. Or app-level if you set up your whole db as accent insensitive. Which is not typical as sorting would not be right in general.

So not impossible but not so easy and requires multiple developments.

Thanks for detailed information. It seems to me it’s too much work compared to benefit. We’ll do without accent insensitive filtering. Let’s close this topic, thank you.

I guess we were talking about ACCENT insensitive filtering the whole time so I updated the whole topic as we were mixing up case/accent words. The application can filter case insensitive already without problems.

Yes, I confirm, accent insensitive. Sorry if I mixed up words somewhere.

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