Column configuration: Missing aggregation icon for selection

Origam Architect.(2021.2.0.2182)

Run project in web browser > List of entries (view data sheet) > Column configuration > Aggregation column


In aggregation column I couldn’t see on fields if it is available aggregation function. I missed checkbox for selecting fields which is possible to aggregate ( = fields including number values).

We don’t consider this as a bug, but as a request for improvement. I’m moving this topic to ideas.

Yes, I partially agree with category “Idea”, but I tested Aggregation option in Firefox Browser (version 91.0.2 latest) and I couldn’t select anything from this column (pointer icon doesn’t change to “hand” icon when mouse hovering aggregation column).
I tested solution also in Google Chrome web browser and it works fine (but without aggregation icon).
Thank you…

The easiest would be to state “None” on those columns where something can be selected (but is not). The rest would stay blank.

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