Data Warehouse Features

ORIGAM contains some advanced features that let you enhance your applications with data warehouse capabilities or build complete data warehouses.

These features include:


  • Connecting to different data sources/APIs to retrieve data
  • Data transformations using XSLT or custom .NET functions
  • Integrated Insert/Update (UPSERT) including incrementing/decrementing updated data
  • Scheduled actions

Data Deduplication

It is easy to deduplicate data using a custom algorithm or by user selection. The data-deduplication function will merge 2 records into one while upgrading all dependencies throughout the whole database in a single step. It also automatically integrates with data-auditing so deduplicated child records are marked as such.

Data Visualization

You can use any of the users interface features to show data to the users either for manual data editing/cleaning or for analyzing using e.g. table views, Excel exports.


Data can be secured using multiple security features so users can only access allowed data. Any data changes can be automatically audited as well.

Data Sharing

Data can be finally shared either using the built-in user interface or by providing API’s.