Security Features

It is easy to define the security of an ORIGAM application. Security is deeply integrated on different levels:

  • Three-level security model (users/roles/permissions)
  • Data change auditing
  • Row-level-security (rules for setting view/edit/delete permissions on data rows)
  • Menu permissions (assigning which menus each user can access)
  • API permissions (assigning which API methods each user can access)
  • SSL support

Once you define your permissions they automatically work everywhere. E.g. when you define row-level-security so the user can only see records of her organization those records appear in any screen, drop-down field or through an API call.

The same works with data auditing - no matter through which functionality you change the data (a screen, sequential workflow, API call) - the changes in the data will always get audited.


Built-in user management: