Implicit Filter

This property allows you to set a filter on the section data that will always be applied.

Example 1

You need a split-screen with 2 sections. The top section will filter only “assigned” tasks, i.e. those that have a Person assigned. The bottom section will only list those tasks that are “unassigned”.

The screen should be set up on a single entity but the sections will only view some of the records.

This filter tests if both DateStart and refFleetVehicleId are NULL.

<FilterPart Property="DateStart" Operator="15"/>
<FilterPart Property="refFleetVehicleId" Operator="15"/>


There is a complex screen with several tabs. There are two tabs based on the same data set, one is supposed to show all rows and the other one should show only data from certain groups identified by a given GUID.

<FilterPart Property="refGroupId" Operator="1" RightSideValue="ac4ae4f9-0162-4f3f-c81c-daa2fd2da602"/>


This property uses an XML that will specify the filter.


You can apply multiple filters, each in its own FilterPart section. If there are more all we are applied (AND).

Property Field name from the entity that will be tested.

Supported Operators:

1 - Tests if the value is equal to the content of RightSideValue

10 - Tests if the value is not equal to the content of RightSideValue

15 - Tests if the value is NULL

16 - Tests if the value is NOT NULL

RightSideValue Value used for comparison operators.