Screen Sections

Screen Sections

A Screen Section is a user interface element built on an entity definition. This means that a screen section can display whole rows of data from the entity on which it is based. Screen sections are later always linked within Screens.

A Screen section is a definition of a part of the user interface. When used in a screen, the screen section definition is linked to the screen. A screen section is not a part of the form. This means that the same screen section definition can be used in different screens.

Screen sections can contain screen section widgets like Text Boxes, Drop-down Boxes etc. These controls can be grouped in Group Boxes in order to make the interface more readable to the user. Screen sections cannot contain other screen sections.

When you add a new screen section, you will use the User Interface Designer.


Screen sections can be referenced by


You have an Invoice and InvoiceDetail entities. You need to create a screen section for each: InvoiceSection and InvoiceDetailSection. Each section will contain fields/widgets visible to the user. These two sections will be combined into an InvoiceScreen later, making it a master-detail screen.

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A Screen Section that provides the user with different views of the underlying dataset.