Screen Sections

A Screen Section is a user interface element built on an entity definition. This means that a screen section can display whole rows of data from the entity on which it is based. Screen sections are later always linked within Screens.

A Screen section is a definition of a part of the user interface. When used in a screen, the screen section definition is linked to the screen. A screen section is not a part of the form. This means that the same screen section definition can be used in different screens.

Screen sections can contain screen section widgets like Text Boxes, Drop-down Boxes etc. These controls can be grouped in Group Boxes to make the interface more readable to the user. Screen sections cannot contain other screen sections.

When you add a new screen section, you will use the User Interface Designer.


Screen sections can be referenced by:

One or more sections will be collected by the screen.

SelectionDialogPanel attribute.


You have an Invoice and InvoiceDetail entities. You need to create a screen section for each: InvoiceSection and InvoiceDetailSection. Each section will contain fields/widgets visible to the user. These two sections will be combined into an InvoiceScreen later, making it a master detail screen.

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