Integration And Extensibility

Integration And Extensibility

ORIGAM applications can be easily integrated with other applications either using built-in integration possibilities or by extending using custom written code.

Closing Active Web Page Tab

Origam has a feature, which allows to open HTML pages as tabs inside the Flash UI. We have introduced possibility to request FlashUI via JavaScript to close opened tab.

Custom Login Page

Sometimes you need to customize the login page of your application by including additional text or graphics. In order to make your custom login page you need to create your own version of Login.cshtml file.

Custom Service Adapters

Custom service adapters allow you to implement your own business logic using a .NET DLL. This will allow you to e.g. connect to external data sources and service or provide calculations that would be hard to develop using XLST.

Extending User Management

ORIGAM root model packages come with a user management tools included. One of the usual tasks your customers will request is to store enhanced information in your user database (e.g. phone number, assignment to teams, etc.).

HTML Frontend Integration

You can easily integrate any HTML frontend with your ORIGAM application by using Web API/Pages model.

IsInRole API

To populate roles outside from Origam, system provides IsInRole API function.

Opening Lookup Tab through JavaScript

Origam has a feature, which allows to open lookup tabs through JavaScript.

Web Services (SOAP) API

The WebService API is a low-level programming interface used to directly access data objects and sequential workflows in your ORIGAM application.