Menu Bindings

Menu binding is a model element that connects a lookup with a screen containing the source lookup data.


MenuItem Points to a Menu Item. When the menu item is set, the drop-down list control will display a three dotted button 8617993_84x46. By clicking the button the specified menu item will be executed. This helps the user with a faster navigation e.g. to the address book while selecting a business partner.

Q: When the menu binding (…) doesn’t show?

A: It doesn’t show if a user doesn’t have permission for menu bindings, or for the target screen containing the source lookup data.

Q: Sometimes the “Choose and back” button is not showing on the target screen, why?

A: The “back button” is not showing when the source lookup is filtered. Otherwise it would be possible to add values that are invalid for the filtered lookup. If you are sure that the lookup is filtered the same way as the screen, you can override this behaviour by setting AlwaysAllowReturnToForm to true (in the lookup).

Q: When I click on a blue link (with Ctrl) I get into a detail of a lookup record. It seems very slow to me, because it loads all the records. Can it be faster?

A: Yes, if you want to see or edit only details of one record, you have to fill-in RecordEditMethod in the menu item that is bound. You would very probably want to fill it with a filterset with the GetId filter method.