Users need a way to access the the different screens and workflows from the client application. To allow this, you must define a menu. The menu is a list of functions and sub-menus that will be displayed in the client application.

Create one Menu per solution. To create menu items, add these under the Menu element.


DisplayName The Name which will be displayed to the user.

Menu Items

Every entry displayed in a menu is called Menu Item. There are different types of menu items, depending on what they are supposed to do. See the following sections for their description.

Each menu item has the following attributes:

DisplayName The Name which will be displayed to the user.
Roles List of application roles, separated by a semicolon. If the user is not assigned to one of the roles, he/she will not see the item and all its sub-items. To grant access to all users, enter a star (*) as the only role.

Menu Item Types

You can assign different elements to the menu.

Dashboard Menu Item

Data Constant Menu Item

This menu item allows a user to redefine and store a different value to the underlying data constant.

Dynamic Menu Menu Item

Menu Parameter Mapping

Report Menu Item

This menu shows a report to the user.

Screen Menu Item

This menu assigns a Screen that will open when the user will execute the menu item.

Sequential Workflow Menu Item

This menu items executes a Sequential Workflow.


This menu item creates a folder for other menu items.