Work Queue - removal not working

I have a WQ where in removal tab I want the record to be deleted when record from original entity gets deleted. So I set it up this way

But unfortunately after deleting entity record WQ does not change at all. Do I do anything wrong?

Have you defined the entity in the WQ class? See this article.

Everything seems to be set up correctly to me.

I have read the arcticle before :slight_smile:

Are you deleting the record through ORIGAM (e.g. not directly in the database) and through a data structure with the very same entity in it? There were cases when someone had e.g. a “view” entity (so different entity based on the same database table) and that is not supported.

Also can you try a different rule? E.g. RecordUpdated with a Field Name and New Value entered? If that works and RecordDeleted does not, that would be a possible bug.

OK, I did some more testing and found out this. The DataStructure I used (Course), has entities in Parent-Child realationship in it. There is only some fields, means All Fileds property is set to False.

So I created new WQ using Action context menu with only one entity in it. Than everything works OK. Even after updating field values is updated in WQ.

So it seems that while creating WQ class by hand is not working.

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