To avoid huge amounts of data travelling over the network and using up a lot of memory, it is important to be able to filter the data into more manageable and relevant chunks. Origam´s entity filter allows you to pre-define filters by an entity, making them easily selectable later in the data structure filter sets.

To create a filter add a Filter element under an entity. The Filter element does not have any specific attributes. When naming the filter, try to give it a name that is easily understandable and that shows what the filter is for, e.g. “GetUnpaidInvoices”.

To define how the filter will work, add a Function Call Field element under the Filter element. As with a Function Call column, you will be able to nest function calls into each other. If you enter more Function Call elements, they will be interpreted as filters with AND in between. That means that all of the filters will be applied.

Use Filter Reference to refer to existing filters if you want to repeat conditions. This way you can reuse existing filters in more complex filters. By changing the simple filter, also the complex filters will change automatically.