Sort Field

This element describes the sort field and the sort direction inside the sort set. If you define multiple sort fields for the same entity, you need to control their order by using the SortOrder attribute.



Entity The Data structure entity to sort.
Field The Field to be sorted in the selected entity. You need to enter a name of the field because there are no fields to select when AllFields = True.
SortDirection If you need the data to be sorted after it has been loaded from the database (only used by the data service), you can specify a sort rule here.
  • Ascending: Data will be sorted by this column in an ascending order.
  • Descending: Data will be sorted by this column in a descending order.
SortOrder If there is more than one sorted column in the same data structure entity, you can specify the order in which they will be sorted. By putting numbers (1, 2, 3) in the sorted columns, you define the sort order.