Data Structures

Data structures can be also described as entity-sets. While entities describe a single dimension (entity/fields), data structures allow definition of a hierarchical schema.



Data structures can be defined in different ways. Either by referencing an already existing entity model or by reusing existing XSD schemas provided by other software vendors. However, defining data structures from the entity model is the easiest and allows the best results when used in sequential workflows.

Data Structure

This data structure is based on the entities defined in the entity model.

XSD Data Structure

This data structure allows you to enter XML schema definition (XSD) manually. XSD Data Structure cannot be used as a parameter of a data service to load the data, because no mapping to the entities exists. But it can be used as a context in a sequential workflow that can be passed to external services if these require input or output parameters of such a schema.

Child Elements

Entity Mapping Data Structure can have the following child elements: