Crystal Report

Crystal Report

This element allows you to attach a report developed using SAP Crystal Reports (version 2008 and later).

You can create a Crystal report by following these steps:

  1. Create a Data Structure on which you want to base the report
  2. Export this data structure to an XSD file (if you click on the data structure, the XSD is displayed in the Output pad, copy it to Notepad and save it to an XML file). Alternatively you can save the XML data by right-clicking on the data structure and choosing Save to File.
  3. Create a new report based on ADO.NET data provider. Choose the XML file you produced in the previous step.
  4. Create a new Crystal Report element and set the following attributes.


Attribute Description
DataStructure The data structure the report is based on.
FilterSet Choose a filter set, if the report's data should be filtered.

Enter the name of the .RPT file with the report definition. This file has to be placed in the Reports\ subfolder of your ORIGAM client installation.

You can change the path where the reports are stored using <ReportDefinitionsPath> element in AsapSettings.config.