Data Constants

Data constants allow you to store different constant values that will be used elsewhere in the system. With data constants, you can also define parameters for your application. Some other model elements allow the passing of parameters to them (e.g. loading data from a database with a parameter or a predefined filter in a query). One of the values you could pass to such a parameter can be a data constant.



Data constants are either stored on a system-level or they can be set for each user. You can enable this in the User Definition Part.

IsUserDefinable Default value is set to False. If you want to allow the user to change the data constant value, set it to True.
UserDefinableDefaultConstant A value that will be used by default when IsUserDefinable is set to True and the user has not saved a value yet.

You also need to create a Data Constant Menu Item so that the user can change the data constant value.